Wednesday, 4 March 2009

One day i'll fly away ...

I have had a lovely evening at my mums house, feeling very envious of the fact shes going to mexico for her hols (...and im going to butlins :/). i got to looking through her travel brochours for exotic destinations (Cuba, Hawaii and Jamaica are now on my must visit list) but what really got my wanderlust going was her american and canadian brochures.

I dont know what does it but i really just want to see it all - starting with Vegas - i love all things vegas and i just cannot explain it (particularly since i dont gamble). The lights and the shows and the luxury surrounded by desert, it seems like a different world. The other half wanted to go to teneriefe this im thinking big and thinking i should start working for my places to see list

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  1. We know Butlins isn't exactly exotic, but it is very good fun.
    We hope you have a brilliant time on holiday there. Do lets us know.

    As for your wanderlust - go for it! But please don't forget us altogether.

    Happy destination list planning


    p.s. Vegas is brilliant I've been there!